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Wedding DJ Investment:

We offer an easy to understand package with a full traditional DJ setup with everything we need for a simple wedding, and including uplighting and ceremony . All of our "upgrades" can be added "A La Carte" to any package allowing you the flexibility to make your own perfect booking! (See below)

The Essentials

  • DJ Josh Bennett!

  • 5 hours of DJ Services included for your reception with a complete DJ set up of speakers, cocktail music, dinner music, dance music, special dances, wireless microphones for speeches, and other equipment required for your event.

  • Ceremony equipment including music and microphones and unlimited additional time for the ceremony, including a second location if required.

  • Dance lights for your dance floor and wireless room uplighting around the walls and ceiling.

Additional Options:

Check out these options  that can be added at any point after booking!

$250 Each
  • A custom-designed image or animation with your names, date, or hashtag that is projected with a bright LED light projector onto the wall or floor to add a special touch to your day.

  • Includes design by our team, and operation on the day of, including drape/skirting on the projector and stand to match an elegant room and fit anywhere.

Photo Booth
  • Unique touchscreen photo booth with small footprint that fits anywhere.

  • Unlimited sessions and 2x6" print outs, and optional text and email delivery of guests photos, instantly.

  • Customize your name, date, hashtag, or whatever you want to be on every picture.

  • Animated GIFS and Boomerangs

  • Physical signs and props, and digital props, masks, and filters. (Just like Snapchat or TikTok!)

  • White or black backdrop drape for the perfect looking photos.

  • Attendant to help your guests use the booth all night.

On A Cloud
  • Unique dry-ice machine producing a cloud that sits on your dance floor for your special dances.

  • Using dry ice (and NOT a smoke machine like some of our competitors), our cloud is non-toxic and will not set off any type of fire alarms or produce an . (It's dry ice, not smoke!)

  • No residue or condensation.

$100 Each
  • 55" TV

  • Can be set up with the DJ equipment or anywhere else.

  • Use however you would like:

    • Slideshows

    • Show Your Monogram

    • Text To Screen

    • Music Videos



Additional fees may be added due to holiday dates, specific needs, or venues where extra labor is required. (We'll let you know before you book!)


Adding Something Later:

YES, you can add anything you would like to the essentials after booking! Your remaining balance with Lake Erie Events will be updated, and a 50% minimum payment of the new feature is required to add it.


Your first payment is a minimum of $1000 and nonrefundable towards the $2995 "Essentials" total. Any additional services added require a 50% payment when added. Your first payment is required at the time of booking to secure the date. You may choose to pay more upfront if you would like! Your remaining balance can be paid off at any time later on, in any amount/size of payments at your convenience through our website. Pay as many payments as you would like here and there... or make a big payment to pay off your event whenever you choose. You create your own payment plan by paying at your convenience online!



Discount 1: We support our heroes! If the bride/groom, their parents, or their children are emergency responders or active members of the armed services, we offer a 10% discount. Thank you for your service!

Discount 2: Paying in full at the time of booking? We'll deduct 10% from your total.

Extra Hours:

YES, you can add extra hours that exceed the 5 hours at any time... including on the day/night of your wedding. When your time runs up, we'll always ask before wrapping things up, and if you can and want to keep the party going. Extra hours are $200/hour. Extra hours added before the wedding are added to your remaining balance, and if you add any hours on the day of the event itself, we'll bill you the next day.


Travel, flight, and hotel accommodations for DJ Josh Bennett is included in the prices listed above. We got this part covered!

Taxes, Interest, and Fees:

To make our pricing easier for you, all of our taxes and fees are already included in your price. There is also no interest or charges for making online payments towards your wedding. What you see is what you pay, and it's all discussed before booking.



The best wedding DJs are here at Lake Erie Events.

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Photo Booths

The perfect entertainment and keepsake for your guests.

February 03, 2018-10.jpg


Gorgeous lighting options to enhance the look of your wedding.



You have questions and we have answers.

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