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Lake Erie Events transforms events all the time with colorful accent lighting, decor lighting & uplighting for wedding receptions, banquets & special events. Lighting is not just a trend in the entertainment arena, it has become a feature of the new normal. 

So How Does It Work?
From booking, to planning, until the day comes we transform your room, we want you to have fun and enjoy every step of the process.

The Lake Erie Events Discount

We do work with other companies if you already have entertainment for your event, but you can always book and bundle our lighting services with DJ or Photo Booth services and save money.

Free Consultation
First, we love to sit down and offer a free consultation at our Erie office, where we can demo our lighting, go over pictures, videos, reviews, stories, and come up with the perfect plan. 

Online Planning
We offer online booking, so whenever you're ready to go, you can book us by email.  We'll supply you with all of your lighting design planning online, and don't worry we'll offer our professional suggestions if you aren't sure of what you'd like. If you have any questions, we're always a call, text, or email away! We usually sit down about 2-3 weeks before your event, and we'll go over all the details one last time. 

Our Online Payment Plan

After signing and booking with us, you'll have a deposit of your total due, but you create your own payment plan for the remaining balance. We offer payments right through our website, and you pay on your own terms. Break down your payments as much and often as you want until your event, and there's 0% interest! 


The term uplighting comes from projecting LED wireless lights up the walls to provide a cool and different atmosphere at events. When done by professionals, you can transform any room from plain and ordinary, to romantic and beautiful. Our uplights are LED meaning there's no heat and no danger to placing them anywhere, they are battery powered meaning there's no wires connecting them and no outlets necessary, and they are computer controlled wireless too. We can change colors at the push of a button. Pick a color for dinner, and have the lights change for a special announcement or dance, and change to the music later. There is hundreds of options.

Monogram Lighting

The term​ monogram lighting is a theatrical term. It's using a projection light to shoot a "gobo" (image) out onto the wall, dance floor, or anywhere. The "gobo" is a little piece of laser cut metal that gets put into the light, and the light shoots through it, through a big lens, and ends up on the wall. Our monogram lights are LED meaning no heat, and no special power necessary, and they are computer controlled. We can actually move them on the fly from shooting an image from one location to another at the push of a button. We'll design a custom gobo for you, and help you get that extra special effect at your event. Imagine your name and date in your wedding or birthday pictures, or a company placing it's logo in big lights all night.

Accent Lighting

Looking to make something "pop" at your event? We can use our lights to accent and shine on a cake, spotlight a dance floor, and so much more. Tell us your vision and allow us to use lighting to bring it to life.

Dancing On A Cloud

A new effect to the first dance that we use at weddings is "Dancing On A Cloud". We use the latest in Dry Ice technology with industry standard equipment to create a "Cloud" effect for your dance floor. Photographers LOVE the effect and it makes you look like you're dancing on a cloud! Completely non-toxic, and safe for every venue.

Dance, Concert, and Nightclub Lighting

Lastly, we have all the moving concert lights you see at shows and nightclubs. They are "DMX" computer controlled and ready for your event. We can do anything small and large from a party or dance, or a full out concert show.

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