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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Lake Erie Events? What is his experience?

Josh Bennett (pictured above) is a local 29-year-old DJ from Erie PA, who has been a working DJ in Erie since he a teenager. Josh did his first wedding at 14 and has worked first hand for several other local DJs growing up. After roughly 10 years of experience, Josh launched Lake Erie Events a few years ago. Josh is also a featured editor for Crate Gang which is a website that DJs across the world get music edits and unique mixes from. (Basically, Josh makes the edits you hear from other DJs!) Josh loves our region and has worked in Erie, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo, and all the towns in between. Since launching Lake Erie Events, Josh has also traveled to DJ in Houston Texas, Kansas City Missouri, Orlando Florida, Detriot Michigan, Chicago Illinois, Milwaukee Wisconsin, and even Las Vegas Nevada in 2019 when Josh was featured on stage at the Mobile Beat DJ Expo playing for thousands of other DJs in attendance at the trade show.
To learn more about Josh's background, you can read his biography featured on American DJ's website back in 2016.
Click here to read his story and biography on AmericanDJ.com.


How long have your other DJs been working?

All of the DJs who work for Lake Erie Events have a minimum of 5 years of DJ experience, with most of our DJs having 10 or more years of professional experience. All of our DJs also have at least 1-year experience working other with Lake Erie Events DJs before we book them on their own. We also have different associates for different jobs. Our wedding DJs are different from our sweet 16 DJs, and we have specific associates for jobs like photo booth assistants.

How many jobs do you work in a year?

Last year, (2019) Lake Erie Events provided services for 139 events, not including any personal jobs our DJs take on their own time such as small parties and bars/nightclubs.

Do you have any reviews and a reputation?

DJ Josh Bennett has been a reliable name for services in this region for over 15 years, and Lake Erie Events now also has years of consistent positive reputation and awards. You can research online and ask around about us, and we're positive you'll see a trend of happy customers and experiences. We were voted a finalist for Erie's Choice for Best DJ in 2019. You can read a lot of our reviews here on our website.


What type of equipment do you use?

Some of our most commonly used equipment consists of JBL, EV, B-52, QSC, Shure, Line 6, DBX, Pioneer DJ, Numark, Chauvet, American DJ, Elation, Eternal Lighting, Rane, Reloop, and Sennheiser. We use specific equipment for live audio as well, including Midas, Behringer X32, Shure, and locally built and owned Synergy Audio equipment.


Do you have any backup plans if something goes wrong or happens to your staff or equipment?

We always retain extra staff each weekend as a backup in the event of an emergency. In addition, all DJs have a backup system with them should something fail.


Will the DJ play requests?

Our DJs will only play requests that you allow. Our DJs “filter” requests, meaning they will not play a song, artist, or genre that you specifically asked them not to play. If someone makes a request that fits in well with what the DJ is playing at the time and with the music you want, then the DJ will try and play it. We have an online planning system with a questionnaire for you to fill out that goes over everything we need to know in advance, including your music preferences and requests.


Can we provide our own music for the DJ to play?

Our library of music consists of tens of thousands of popular songs that cover several genres and 70 years if music. If we don't have a specific request, we frequently purchase music for special events as needed. If you have something that you can contribute, yes we can play your music. If doing this, please consider the audience attending your event. We always recommend letting our DJs use their talent and musical knowledge to do their thing for your event as much as possible.


What is your booking process?

After reviewing our packages and telling us your options for your day, you'll sign a digital agreement we'll send you. After signing your e-contract on your phone or computer, you're booked! You instantly get an account on our website for planning and payment purposes.

What are your payment terms?

An initial deposit is required at the time of booking (30% to 50% of your total depending on your package). The remaining balance is due before the event date in any number of payments you choose to make. Payments can be made through our website using a debit or credit card at any time, or by mailing a check.

Do you charge to travel?

While there are some exceptions, most jobs within an hour (or 50 miles) of our Erie office are free. We charge a very fair rate for every additional hour of travel, and hotel accommodations after 3 hours. Special prices are prepared for destination weddings requiring travel by plane. There are no surprises, and your final price (including travel) is the price you book with our services.


Do I tip the DJ?

There is no form of gratuity is not included in your payment, and it is not uncommon to tip if your DJ did a great job. This is entirely up to you, and our staff is already well paid for their services.

Will the DJ play overtime if needed?

Yes, DJs are able to play past the contracted time, and it happens a lot! You can add extra time at any point after booking, and even on the night of your event if you don't want to quit.


When should we book a DJ?

If you have a preference for a DJ or a popular date, the earlier the better! Weddings and large production events usually book 6 to 18 months in advance. Smaller and less specific events can commonly book a few months in advance. Summer and Fall weekends are the busiest in our region and book up months in advance.


We're eating... should we feed the DJ too?

This is not required and is completely up to you. Typically, the caterer or event coordinator will set aside a meal for vendors if requested by you. Remember: when you figure in our travel time, and setup/teardown time, we can easily work 8+ hour days for your event, so we always appreciate a meal and a 15-minute break when it's offered.

Do you drink?

No, we do not drink alcohol at professional events.

What services do you offer?

DJ, Event Planner, Live Audio, Lighting, Photo Booths, Drape, TV/Projection, Special Theatrical Effects, and Equipment Rental.

Can we book your other services without booking you as a DJ?


Will I meet my DJ?

Yes! This is actually one of the biggest complaints in the wedding industry specifically. Can you believe there are DJ companies that do not provide any interaction with you before the wedding!? You'll work with Josh and our office managers and event planners from Day 1, and typically once we get to 1-2 months before your event, we'll reach out and start preparing final plans. You'll meet with your DJ in the final weeks before your event. If you prefer to meet your DJ earlier, we can always set that up!

I left a message, why haven't I heard anything yet?

Our schedules are very busy and always changing, and our job requires us to travels a lot. Due to this, our office is open by appointment only. We always try to review calls and messages daily, so you should expect to get a response back within one business day. Keep in mind that in our line of work that typically weekends, holidays, and evenings are our busiest times with longer responses. 

We're interested... how does this process work?

After requesting pricing on our website, we're upfront and instantly provide you with pricing and detailed information for you that usually covers everything. If you're interested in talking in person, we always offer a meeting and consultation too before booking. After that everything is done online, including signing your contract and booking, payments, and planning out your event. We'll usually have one meeting or phone call to finalize everything within the final weeks of your event.